With the sun edging its way up over the horizon, Porter and I sit in the cockpit watching the sea illuminate around us. Simultaneously, we’re tracking dolphins zigging and zagging from port to starboard so fast it’s hard to count how many have joined us to welcome a new day.

We’re somewhere in the middle of the Gulf of Tehuantepec on the southeast end of Mexico’s Pacific coast and the moment seems perfect. I’ve just come on watch with Porter and we shook a reef out of the mainsail, getting Yahtzee up to full speed in the morning breeze. In a moment of silence between us, I smile. There is nearly nothing else I love more than making miles at sea, and we’ve been doing just that over the past month. The possibilities seem wide open, yet our humble 40-by-12 foot living space is all we need to explore the world one stop at a time and everywhere in between. Along the way, we’ve been fortunate enough to remain with our “Quaranteam” on SUR and Arrow, who also each have two kids aboard.

Writing this from Yahtzee’s nav desk just hours after sunset, we’re aiming for Puerto Madero Chiapas, and what will be our final stop in Mexico (for now anyway, we love it here). We’ve covered over 500 miles since leaving Zihuatanejo after the holidays and rather than give a rundown of it all, I’ll provide some quick photo highlights from our stops.

Yahtzee’s track with stops in Acapulco, Puerto Escondido, Puerto Ángel, Huatulco, and Puerto Madero.


Bustling Acapulco was the biggest city we’d been to in a long time.
Enjoying pool time at the beautiful Acapulco Yacht Club.
Touring the Volvo Ocean Race 65 “Viva Mexico”, which the boys said they want to buy someday and cruise together.


Sunrise over the Pacific.
Our buddies on SUR flying the chute.
Porter scans for dolphins while the sun rises in front of us.

Puerto Escondido

Parachuters come in for a landing on the beach at Zicatela.
Magnus gets his wings.


Not much beats hot dogs over a beach fire.
Snack time in Bahia Santa Cruz.
Geology class (yes, we have rocks onboard).
Strolling the beautiful beach at Bahia Chachacual.
Our cruising kid boat posse from L to R — SUR, Arrow and Yahtzee.
Stopping at this quaint cafe in the village square was an almost daily occurrence when we were around town.
Gorgeous paintings at a Catholic cathedral in La Crucecita.

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  1. Beautiful journey… I love reading about your adventures! Your boys are so lucky! Love and miss you always! Stay safe!!

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