One month from today, we’ll be untying Yahtzee’s dock lines, waving goodbyes and steering our way out of Seward Harbor. Which is a somewhat crazy yet very exciting sentence to type.

We’re going to miss this view…

When the idea of hitting the cruising pause button in Seward was hatched — and then actually happened! — it was with the intention to work, make necessary upgrades to our beloved home and add a little to the kitty in the process. Now, 20-months later, Jill and I are extremely happy to say we have done just that. Go time is almost upon us.

But our time in this amazing Alaskan mountain town by the sea has been about far more than just working on the boat and saving money. So much more. We consider ourselves fortunate to have lived and raised the boys in a place with such unparalleled natural beauty, and met incredible people and friends. We love Seward immensely and will always have a special spot for it in our hearts.

From here, you are probably wondering what our plan is — I kind of am too. Being the type of cruisers that like to make a very loose plan and then shoot from the hip once we’re underway, we’ve got a vague outline of what’s to come and are comfortable letting it fill in when the time arrives. The weather will be the biggest factor, but our general goal is to explore more of Alaska for the summer. We’re aiming to see parts of this immense and awe-inspiring state that we haven’t experienced yet and are excited to meet new folks along the way. Once the summer begins to slowly fade, we’ll turn a weather eye towards California and then Mexico.

Over the next month, though, we still need to cross a few things off our to-do list and to finish several work obligations. But if we had to leave today, we absolutely could. The boat is ready. Our crew is too. Overall, we are excited to once again let the winds of change blow our family in new and exciting directions — wherever that may be.

UPDATE: Shortly after publishing this post, and after an overnight snowfall, I took these pictures from Seward Harbor with my drone. Enjoy!

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    1. Yeah dude! We told ourselves we’d need two winters to make it all happen and, well, here we are at the end of our goal! Time to roll! Looks like you’re doing well down on Decatur. Cheers!

  1. Congratulations on heading out again. We are looking to head to Alaska from the Marshall Islands and wondering what the “accepted” latest people plan to cross the Gulf of Alaska across to SE Alaska ?

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