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With the spring boating season thoroughly upon us and summer hot on its heels, there is a palpable excitement in the air among boaters in the Pacific Northwest. For me, though, there is an added level of enthusiasm aboard as I join Three Sheets Northwest as partner and managing editor.

When I moved backed to the Pacific Northwest and bought a sailboat to cruise, live and race aboard with my family, Three Sheets was quickly bookmarked as a favorite and I have always had great admiration for its distinctive content. More than the site’s traditional news stories, destinations articles or do-it-yourself project pieces, it was the unique voice and community of the site that reeled me in. What Marty and Deborah have created is a fresh piece of media in a market that has been begging for something new and different for a long time. Coming from the journalistic world of sailing magazines, both in print and online, I may be more in tune with that idea than most.

It is with great enthusiasm and respect for Three Sheets Northwest that I join my friends Marty and Deborah in working to keep the site the innovative resource that has made it successful, while at the same time ushering it into a new era of content for our readers to enjoy on a daily and weekly basis. We have some new and exciting tacks to take Three Sheets Northwest on over the next few months and years, and we hope you’ll stay along for the ride and share your boating stories, events and news with us and your fellow boaters along the way.

Whether you have a boating related blog that you’d like to share or just want to say hello, feel free to email me at or find me at

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