This post was written on August 26, 2015.

Swinging on the beach at Keats Island
Swinging on the beach at Keats Island

I love to sail. My Dad loves to sail. And my sons seem like they love to sail. Porter says he does, and even though he’s two, his zeal for all things sailing allows me take his word for it. And Magnus is happy while we’re sailing — he even had his best night’s sleep while we were racing for 25 hours in the Strait of Juan de Fuca during Swiftsure, so that’s a plus. Time will tell for both.

Last weekend the four of us sailed together. Just us. And we had a blast.

Flying the chute out of Howe Sound
Flying the chute out of Howe Sound

When our bright blue spinnaker filled outside of Howe Sound on our last full day aboard together, I couldn’t help but crack a smile. Striding along under a full spinnaker as it pushed Yahtzee to the brink of her hull speed was marvelous, and is truly one of my favorite parts of sailing. It’s a thing of beauty.

With Jill helping our friends on Nutmeg sail to San Francisco, my Dad was able to join the boys and me for a long weekend and flew into Comox, BC on Vancouver Island via floatplane on Thursday evening. As Papa walked up the dock, Porter was as happy to see him as a cocker spaniel waiting at the door for its owner — without the peeing part — and I was elated to have his help and great company.

A northwesterly breeze trickled through the marina the following morning as we got the boat ready to leave and soon freshened into the 15 to 20 knot range. We set the mainsail and cut the engine as soon as we cleared the breakwater, rolled out the genoa and made our way for the Strait of Georgia and eventually Vancouver.

With Dad at the helm, Magnus playing down below and Porter begging for a PB&J, we started our way across the whitecap-covered Strait. Yahtzee came alive in the big breeze and absolutely romped along as we covered nearly 30 miles in just four hours. I wish I’d counted how many times we commented on what a great sail we were having. We were in it, and loving every minute.

Porter and Papa kayaking in Smuggler’s Cove

On our way to Vancouver we stopped in picturesque Smuggler’s Cove and at bustling Plumper Cove on Keats Island in Howe Sound. My Dad and Porter kayaked together, hiked and horsed-around like the great pals that they are. We grilled, swam, laughed and even managed to get some stainless polishing and fiberglass waxing done.

Best buds
Best buds

Vancouver’s False Creek was our final stop on Sunday evening and we decided to hit the market at Grandville Island to get some fresh salmon for our final dinner — and for Papa to take home with him. Monday came too soon and it was immensely difficult to say our goodbyes at a park in between the boat and train station.

Magnus chillin
Magnus chillin’ in the cockpit before dinner in Vancouver’s False Creek

Not only was my Dad a huge help with the boys, but it was wonderful to sail with him aboard Yahtzee again. He’s the reason for my love of sailing, so being able to share the time cruising with him, Porter and Magnus was absolutely priceless.

It was a weekend I’ll never forget.

A tip of the cap to Jimmy Buffett for the title inspiration