The days following our arrival in the Sound had been quite the opposite. It seemed as though a hose was being aimed directly at the Pacific Northwest from the ocean and we endured multiple days of pouring rain and gray skies. At times it rained so hard that I awoke suddenly and laid in bed thinking, “How long can this continue?” Everything was wet it seemed — inside and out.

The rain barely stopped us from going about our normal routines, though, and we paddled, hiked, beach-combed and explored Effingham Island and Bay to the fullest. Part of our plan in coming back to Barkley Sound was to see and do things that we hadn’t last August and we certainly did that while here. It’s hard not to, the Sound is different in spring. The weather is ever-changing, the water devoid of boats and the beaches and forests are quiet.

With no other cruising boats around. We had our pick of anchorages and sometimes circled round and round until we found just the right place. Yes, we went to some of the same spots as last summer, but instead of anchoring here we anchored there. Instead of going to this beach we went to that one. And on and on.

When the sun did make its appearance for several glorious days in a row, the breezes were ripe for sailing, shoes got kicked off on deck and we savored every moment of it that we could. Everyone seemed to have more energy and we did anything and everything possible outside.



Right now we’re hanging out in Ucluelet, which is one of our favorite cruising towns in the Pacific Northwest. Groceries, laundry, showers, hiking, delicious eats and a pool party for a certain 4-year-old have all been on the list. But we also love walking around town, popping into the few small stores and chandleries, and even managed to give a bundle of kids toys and clothes to a local second hand store.

From here we’ll head out into the Pacific Ocean again, turn northwest and continue sailing up the coast. We’re not sure of our next destination yet, but when it’s all about the journey, I guess that doesn’t really matter.